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[Eng Sub] Seohyun on MTV Playlist - Yongseo Cut

a big round of applause to CHINESE GOGUMAS :”> goodjob gogumas . ♥♥♥

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YongSeo KPOP All Star Live in Niigata BTS



Yonghwa : * drinking water * I am very nervous

Seohyun : But still , i think we will do well

Yonghwa : Our preparation time is very short

Seohyun : Yes , our preparation time is very short and time to practice is very little , very worrying but

Yonghwa : Yes , we should be able to do well * drinking water *

Seohyun : 1,2,3

Yonghwa & Seohyun : Hwaiting ! :D

trans credit : @__hwangmiyoung

[FANCAM] YongSeo - Banmal Song @ Kpop All Star Live in Niigata

Yonghwa & Seohyun - Banmal Song

HD 1080p available !

[Eng Sub] Yonghwa talked about Seohyun supporting his acting in ‘Heartsrings’ Press Conference

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This is one of my favorite Yongseo moments.

They were trying to act nonchalant, but you can tell they were soooo painfully aware of each other.

Yong obviously wants to look at Hyun but he’s having a hard time doing so… puahahahaha

Ummm I remember a follower asking for this particular video..

Well, here you go! >u<

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I miss them >.<

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