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Forever. turned 4 today!

Forever. turned 4 today!


2014.06.28 - D-1   Predebut - Present

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The story of Jung Yonghwa

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Happy Birthday to our wonderful leader, talented musician, passionate guitarist, Jung Yonghwa.

May your wishes continuing coming true.
Happy birthdayyy to our Yonghwa oppa! :)

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#WorldStarJYH26Bday #yonghwa

[8/26 Yong Lyrics] Love Girl 

[8/26 Yong Lyrics] Love Girl 

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Jealous Yonghwa on WGM requested by anon


excuse the combo breaker

please like this page (click)! it’s for our theology class and we have to raise the likes to 1k. every like counts! (u can just ignore the contents hehehehe)

fb if the hyperlink up there wont werk:

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